Monday 26 November 2007

Vintage Treasures, Baby Cards and Crafting

First of all thanks so much to Natasha for hosting the Virtual Vintage Prom. It was so much fun!!! As you can tell, I got a little carried away with it! I think its because we don't have Prom's on this side of the world, school balls and dances etc but not a Prom. When I went to school, back in the vintage era, school balls weren't much of a big deal. Nowadays they are more like a Prom so I will be able to indulge again when my Princess is a high school student!

Thanks to everyone who dropped by during the Prom and left a comment. I tried to visit each of you and all the other Prom attendees, sorry if I missed anyone out, it wasn't intentional!

I had a few nice thrifting or Trade Me finds recently. I love this wall shelf, I was going to sell it but I just CAN'T. Its a cherub and pink roses and I have the perfect spot for it!

I love this little porcelain shell urn with the sweet little boy blowing his horn. I couldn't resist it because . . .

I already had this little guitar playing fellow! Couldn't believe it when I saw it, didn't know there was a matching one! Maybe there are more?

This is a wall pocket. Its actually much nicer in real life. I washed it and the red on her lips flaked off, must have been nail polish or something. She looks better without the tarty red lips! I don't know how old she is, no makers marks, the roses on her hat and braids look old and she is lightly crazed. Bit like me really! I really like her but am going to sell her as she doesn't go with the decor and I think Babes might draw the line with having her on a wall!

Also found this cute little basket with a raised angel on both sides. I might keep this . . .

This planter is really nice with the yellow roses. For sale though. Its currently filled with bags of pink lace, about 50 meters all up that I snaffled up the other day. A girl can never have too much lace!

I've been watching out for this book on Trade Me and finally it came up so I bought it. Can't wait to read it, saving it for the Christmas Holidays when we go to the beach for a couple of weeks. Crazy eh, most of you are in the grips of winter and showing pictures of snow and I am talking beach!

I bought a heap of stuff of a customer recently including this. Isn't it too sweet. Its called "Like a Rose" and is a print but looks like an original water colour. I really want to keep it but don't know where to put it.

I dug this scrapbook out, check out the wall paper. Circa 1964 or earlier. How do I know, cos its the year I was born, as written by Mum and its full of my baby cards.

They are just precious, I am going to reproduce them.

And I did actually achieve something while frittering away precious time at the Prom. I have stitched up all Christmas stockings, they just need their hand sewn embellishments added. This one is made from a vintage chenille bedspread and lined with a vintage pillowcase.

I have also been hand stitching these hearts made from vintage wool blankets and filled with lavender. I find them really relaxing to make, must be the lavender!

Anyway, better go, am cleaning my house which looks like a tip!


Anonymous said...

I do like your wall shelf

I can see a new collection coming on
Im sure there must be more of those porcelain shell urns

You sound like youve been very busy:)

Monica said...

How neat that you have your baby book. I love all the cards!!!

Natasha Burns said...

wow i love that baby book!
hey i still need you to email me your addy, i can't find it if you did email it to me, not sure if you got my email or not. your package is waiting to go!

Aimz said...

I have my old baby books too, some of the old retro cards and fantastic.

Anonymous said...

The shell urns...OOOHHHHHH AHHHHH!!! Such elegance and then the baby stuff, sigh.

Then, The morning after The Prom picts! HA :) You are the best of both worlds humor mixed with an unsakeable quench and eye for beauty. What a fabulous blog you have!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachael, great finds! Love your vintage baby cards, how sweet that they are your own !! We have something for you on our Blog, come on over ......

Unknown said...

Hi Rachael! I of course love everything, I always do!! But I especially love the hearts you have been stitiching! So cute and I LOVE lavender :)

Love ya,

Sugar Bear said...

You have been busy post prom! Love the little girl - I think my husband would feel the same as yours!

12 Days of Christmas Swap said...

Doesn't it pay to carefully keep precious things? I made those scrapbooks for all three children, and hopefully the boy's kept their ones -
Gosh the wall-paper that I covered them with is very Vintage - my father must have kept a roll as that is what my childhood bedroom, was papered with :):)

Artifax said...

I would hold onto that cherub too - it's beautiful!

How wonderful that you have your baby scrapbook! Must be such fun to look through it and think about when you were born!

Felicia said...

What a sweet scrap book! said...

That book is amazing! I wish I had one like that from when I was a baby. Of course, it would be VERY vintage.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Oh, look at those sweet baby cards! They remind me of the ones in my own baby book!

CIELO said...

Hi there... on the other side of the world my friend.... It's good to see you again.

Have a blessed night


Lori said...

i have that cherub shelf in gray!

the baby book is so sweet! i just love the baby cards, the images and colors are wonderful!

Siobhan said...

Hi Rachel,

I love your treasures and your new creations are just wonderful!

My Mum has a book with all my cards in when I was born sweet to look back isnt it?

Thanks for visiting my blog, hope to see you soon.

Siobhan :)

Lori said...

Rachael,Wow did you get some great things! I'm so weak when i find vintage baby cards, I just need to do something with them, there to cute to just tuck away! Later, Lori

Peta said...

I just finished reading "The Journey." It is fantastic. Poor, poor Marie Antoinette.

Anonymous said...

I have something for you on my blog :)

Whimsy Pink said...

I love your baby book, it's just darling!

Brittany said...

I love your wall shelf!! Oh and the baby book is just darling!! How lucky of you to have it!! My mom would never let me have mine! And haven't you been busy with stitching your hearts? I must say they are my favorites!!

Pinkie Denise said...

Hello Rachel,
Thanks for stopping by to visit.The
dollies and I enjoyed your company at
the tea. Please come back and visit
soon. You made out shopping love your
finds especially the shell urns , I adore shells. Thanks for sharing Pinkie Denise

Betty said...

You found some nice things Rachael. I love the two little vases and that doll head. The water color is so precious.