Wednesday 24 October 2007

Paper Dress Swaps & Shop Window

Mum and I did a little mini paper doll dress swap with Karen and Catiean. Both girls dresses arrived within days of each other.

Here's what Karen sent, look at this gorgeous card she made, its so elegantly vintage.

Inside the card was the sweetest dress she made for me. Its so dainty and delicately made. Pink gingham trimmed with contrasting pink ribbon and clear rhinestones. Shabby, shabby chic!

Thank you so much Karen, I love the card and the dress. I hope yours turns up soon!

Two days later this parcel arrived from Catiean. Hmmmmm, bit large for a paper doll dress or even two we thought!

This is what spilled out when I hurriedly ripped into the parcel!

Catie!!!! Mum and I are blown away by your generosity. Love it all and eventually we did find the dresses amongst the goodies!

Packets of earrings and necklaces that I am thinking we can break down for crafting as they are perfectly sparkly! and rose gift bags that I have whipped away to the shop to use for lucky customers! and rose patterned fabric samples and Snow White scrap booking bitties that The Princess took an instant liking to! and finally we found the dolls dresses.

Beautifully made with vintage paper and lace and embellished with sparkly jewels. Mine is pink and Mum's is green. Clever, kind and generous Catie. Thank You! Your dresses should be arriving any day.

I finally got the new shop window done. Halloween themed. It was a bit challenging because the shop is actually pink and rose themed and Halloween decorating isn't normally something we do in NZ.

Anyway, I came up with this. Am pretty happy with the result, have a couple more things to add tomorrow.

I am going to try and make Jack O Lantern's. I have yet to see an orange pumpkin in our green grocer shops and all I see on the blogs of you American girls are fields of them, farms of them actually.

Guess I will have to paint them orange!

I didn't go too overboard with what I made, just tussy mussies and a couple of banners, to test the water, so to speak!

I'm off to bed, its raining so I have my electric blanket on high (Babe's will have a fit!) and a good book waiting - Good Night - xo


Natasha Burns said...

Fabulous Rachael! You're so lucky, you got great stuff there! Catie Ann is so generous isn't she! She was my swap partner in the bits and pieces collage swap. Cute shop display! Let us know how it goes, haloween in Australia is liek NZ, so I'm curious to see how it is received!

Unknown said...

Oh Rhachael! You lucky lucky girl! Look at those gorgeous dresses and all those goodies! But you are so sweet, you deserve a million gifts!

And your store shop looks gorgoeus!! You did a beautiful job and I love that you didnt go overboard! It is just PERFECT! Love it love it~!!


Cape Cod Washashore said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! Your blog is just LOVELY!

I love the paper doll dress photos. And your shop!!! How wonderful!

I have friends in Whiritoa Beach (I've never been to NZL tho).

Alison Gibbs said...

Rachael, What a fun little swap you girls had.
Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes Riley is precious.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

What sweet goodies!
It's a bit chilly here tonight as well, good night for an electric blanket!

Artifax said...

What a lucky girl! Such pretty dresses in such lovely packages!

And your store window is GREAT!! Love those spooky figures and the "Boo" banner!

Linda said...

What sweet paper doll dresses and all the goodies are fabulous. Your shop is darling and looks so inviting...I peeked in the window.. love your banners and the tussy mussies are adorable. Linda

Aimz said...

awww those are cool! Bet your daughter loved them too :-)

bluemuf said...

I'm so glad you liked the dress, I had fun with it. Yours arrived today and they are fantastic. will post the pictures soon. Thank you both for the lovely package.

Hugs Karen

CatieAn said...

hi rachael and liz
i am so glad my stuff arrived and you enjoyed it. the jewelry was found at a liquidation store for pennies for each. i have broken the jewelry down for so many projects and they look great.
i idn't want to leave stella out of the fun!

do you not celebrate halloween there? no trick or treating or anything? here we have carved pumpkins and many farms make alot of money in the fall hosting weekends where people/families/school groups come to buy pumpkins, have pony rides, go through corn mazes etc all through the month of oct.

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous day for you :)! You place is darling. Wish I could pop in, but I am surrounded by pumpkins :)...Far away!!

Kingswood Food and Craft Market said...

Hi Rachael,

I love your halloween decos in the store! My home is all decked out and my little guy loves it!
I know what you mean about the lack of pumpkins....i am looking everywhere with no luck!

xo Shannon

Lori said...

love your paper dress/swap goodies, great stuff indeed!! the shop window looks fantastic!! thanks so much for stopping over to see me!!!

Pineapple Villa said...

What lovely goodies ! Your shop looks fantastic, love it - hope you get heaps of compliments on it,
Mel xx

Barbara said...

your shop window looks absolutely spoooook tacular!!! woo hoooo!
wishing i could send you pumpkin that you could grow your own!!!! they just take over and you end up with a whole bunch! now that would be a site for you!!!
big hugz


Hi Rachael, haven't popped in since my first visit, I lost you somehow!! Your shop window looks amazing, just enough Halloween for NZ. That urn a few posts back is totally amazing too, sure looks like Capodimonte, I agree with Peta. You should have it checked. Please pop over for a visit when you get time.
Coll :-}

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachael, well done on your shop window, good on you! It's looks great! The paper dresses are so pretty, love the pink gingham one, such a cute shaped dress! The postie bought you some wonderful things this week! Have a lovely weekend! Jenn and Jacqui

Anonymous said...

cool and beautiful dresses

Ive tagged you

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Your store window is perfect. You couldn't have done a nicer job. WOW you really received a wonderful package. Have fun with it.