Sunday 28 October 2007

I'm not Heartless!

Jenn and Jacqui at The Bowerbirds Nest did a Heart to Heart open tag! As I was scrolling through their post looking at their pictures of all the lovely hearts in their home I was getting a bit worried. I kept thinking, I haven't got hearts, I can do cherubs, roses, butterflies and fairies but I think our home is a bit low on hearts!

The more I thought about it the more concerned I got because after all, the heart is a symbol of love, surely I'm not heartless!

So I went a heart hunting and sure enough we have got hearts! Not too many on the ground floor I have to admit but we still have some heart downstairs.

This carved heart is the top panel of the umbrella stand in the 'Grown Up's' room.

This cute little kitchen sampler was cross stitched by my Mum years ago.

And these heart cookie cutters were given to me by my god daughter.

And of course the trinket box Gail made me for my birthday, its got heart shaped drawers!

This gorgeous sampler was done by Jean, my mother in law.

There was a bit more heart in the upstairs part of the house. This heart cushion hangs on our bedroom door.

The ring cushion Mum embroidered for our wedding rings. As I photographed it I realised that both Babes and I had forgotten our 11th wedding anniversary, which was the day before I took the photo. Whoops!

A photo frame with a heart has my baby Princess inside it.

A vintage baby brush and comb set, the brush is heart shaped.

A picture of an Angel holding a heart.

This cute little heart is a hanging trinket box that Mum brought me back from one of her Australian holidays.

Another heart shaped trinket box.

A minature cross stitch of hearts done by Mum.

I have quite a few hearts in my teeny tiny ensuite bathroom. This heart carved shelf. (Yes, Jen and Jacqui, I collect bath salts also!)

A heart shaped plate my beloved Granny china painted years ago.

And a tile she also did.

These pink glass hearts were part of a bracelet that pinged apart.

The Princess put this heart shaped sticker of Cinderella and Prince Charming on my bathroom mirror!

The Princess has heaps of hearts in her room -phew!

This heart shaped Barbie lamp.

A reindeer that Daddy got her in Sweden earlier this year.

And this Dalmatian doggie that Daddy brought back from another business trip.

The Princess's birth mummy gave her this beautiful pottery Angel heart last Christmas.

The Princess has a few hearts in her china cabinet. This heart frame is her at about 6 days old in the arms of her birth mummy.

A miscellaneous heart shaped button.

A silver heart shaped trinket box (I must clean it!)

And last but not least my cellphone has heart bling!

I can tell you I am really relieved that I have got a heart, let alone more than one!


Natasha Burns said...

Wonderful hearts!!!! My favourite is the heart embroidered cushion your mum did for your wedding rings, how special! I'm still gathering heart pics too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachael, what a lovely post of hearts! See you did find some!! Your wedding ring cushion is beautiful, as are the samplers, really lovely. Thanks for joining in! Have a great week Rachael :) Jenn and Jacqui

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rachael, so sweet of you! We'll make one of them for you next week! Jenn and Jacqui

Lori said...

i wanted to do that too!!! i think you were able to come up with waaaaay more hearts than me...when i looked around i was very surprised to see how very few i could find...i will look harder and maybe try to do this for a post this week!!!

bluemuf said...

What fun, you came up with all sorts of beautiful hearts. Thank you for sharing.


Linda said...

From one heart collector to them all! Linda said...

What a cute idea! I love hearts. I don't think I have many either, but I'll bet if I look around, I could find a few. although, I usually pass the cool ones I find along to my sister, her last name is Valentine.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachael, your designergirl is ready, we have emailed it to you just now! Jenn and Jacqui

bluemuf said...

Rachael, you certainly do have a heart, many of them. What a nice display you have. I must do a hunt as I'm sure I must have some hearts too.

Hugs Karen

Alison Gibbs said...

Wow Rachael you do have hearts afterall. I think we all need to start looking for hearts! Maybe we have them and just don't appreciate the fact that they are there.

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Oh my...lots of great heart things! Thank you for sharing! And thank you for your kind comment on my blog! Please come back any old time!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

See, you have ALOT of heart!

Unknown said...

Oh Rachael, you have a LOT of hearts! How interesting this was, I may have to go through my house now, lol! I see 8 right now but I wonder, is that ALL I have?? And I have always loved hearts too!


Anonymous said...

If you don't do hearts, I can only imagine if you did ;)!

BTW, Your baby girl princess was absolutely GORGEOUS!