Monday 10 September 2018

Vintage Lingerie


The word lingerie is a word taken directly from the French language, meaning undergarments, and used exclusively for more lightweight items of female undergarments. The French word in its original form derives from the old French word linge, meaning 'linen'. Lingerie as a word was first used to refer to underwear and bras in 1922. Wikepedia

I love vintage lingerie. Actually, let's be real here, I love more than just vintage lingerie. Vintage lingerie though, it's feminine, it's pretty, it's olden day womanly.

You know, set hair, drawn on brows, Coty powder and red lips and then the lingerie, light, soft, silky, floaty.

Not at all like the anything goes today look. Not at all like my t-shirt and undies to bed look.

Perhaps I should be leading a more authentic vintage life, let me just go and powder my nose, let you just go and check out my lingerie...

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