Tuesday 10 December 2013


My year six students graduated from Primary School school today.  The graduation ceremony was beautiful with heartfelt speeches from the senior school teachers (myself included) and the pure singing voices of our students was heart string pulling. 

Each student received a certificate and a gift bag.  Students who won special awards received certificates, cups and prizes. Many parents attended and as their child received their certificate or award they would come up and adorn their child with a Ula (lolly lei).  The child's teacher and our principal were also adorned with leis.

I am so honoured to have received leis from the parents of my students as it is a mark of appreciation among other things.

My leis will end up being long gone (eaten!) but the gesture will always remain as will the memories of my students.

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Rachael xo

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coromandelman said...

That is an awesome end of year tradition.. and great that parents were able to be there and share with the kids. Well done Racheal..