Tuesday 4 December 2012

Pinterest - Challenge # 9

I've had to rethink the 30 days of Pinterest challenge as I didn't think it through enough! I can't post everything I am making or trying from the Pinterest site at the moment because most of it is Christmas gifts and many of the 'giftee's' read my blog! So my challenge is now simply to make or try 30 things I have pinned on my Pinterest boards. Expect a flurry of posts after Christmas Day when 'all' can be revealed!

So without further ado, Challenge # 9

I love these wooden heart and star decorations so I decided to cast my own spin on them. I copied sheet music from my Granny's Christmas Carol book onto 180gsm card stock and cut out the hearts and stars using a template I made. I outlined each shape with glue, sprinkled glitter on the glue, punched a hole and threaded each shape with garden twine.  They are going to be the tags for my Christmas gifts.

In the meantime they make a nice center piece!

Rachael xo


Barbara said...

Beautiful!!! How have i missed your challenge? Fb isnt showing me all my dear friends posts....ugh....

Jen said...

very cool!! and pretty
you sound very busy and creative :)