Tuesday 4 December 2012


We were at my Mum and Poppa's for dinner on Saturday night when we suddenly smelt burning and saw big clouds of billowing black smoke moving across the sky.  We ran out onto the main road that my Mum lives off and saw the beautiful old kauri and pine Guy Homestead that has sat abandoned and neglected for years was alight.  The Cowboy rang the Fire Brigade, as did many other people. By the time they arrived the homestead was well and truly ablaze. Police suspect it had been deliberately set alight.

The homestead was built in 1898 and was originally part of a 210 acre farm in the Howick area of Auckland. Although privately owned and has been for sale for the last eight years it was terribly neglected and vandalised. A local resident had been campaigning recently for the preservation of the house and the utilisation of the surrounding land.  

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So sad!

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Jen said...

such a shame :(

Unknown said...

Oh no, that is a sad loss. There's so many home's around the country now being abandoned and traded up for modern spec homes :( Some being donated to the Fire Service to use as training exercises!