Wednesday 4 April 2012

Happy April

I'm only 4 days late with that!

a big month here at the castle:
  • midterm tests,ü
  • university assignments due,
  • school holiday fun with the Princess,
  • a movie to go to,
  • a trip to Kaikohe for Easter,
  • a concert to go to,
  • an art exhibition to go to,
  • heaps of crap to sell,
  • pain drugs to wean myself off,
  • a writing project to resurrect,
  • and exercise this broken down body!
Here's some of the crap I'm going to sell,

Cherub anyone?

Or a hat?

Some people that visit the castle are taking advantage of the new chalkboard!

I might have to hide the chalk!


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Updated as I check the list off!

1 comment:

Jen said...

wow!!!!!!!!!!! it is going to be a busy month indeed have fun