Saturday 14 April 2012

Before's and Afters

When we first moved to the castle I turned a small sun-room off my bedroom into a bedroom for the Princess. She never slept in it, she was always with me!

We had another bedroom that I intended turning into a craft room, but it just ended up being a dumping ground for all my crap, as seen here!

I then cleaned it up and turned it into a kind of guest room, 

come never used craft room.

In July 2011 I decided the Princess should have a bedroom she actually slept in so I did 'changing rooms' that seemed to involve major upheaval in the entire apartment!

The guest room/craft room is quite a decent size but had dingy yellow walls so I embarked on painting them white, which is when I fell from the top of the ladder and smashed up my right hand side resulting in 13 rib fractures! Naturally progress on the new bedroom stopped for quite some time.

However we eventually got there and here it is today, the Princess's pretty room that she does sleep in (most of the time ;-) )

I made the curtains, the china cabinet is filled with her treasures, 

the pink hand chair was free with our new lounge and dining room furniture,

my Mum gave us the bookshelf, the Princess's birth Mummy painted the butterfly wing for her 1st birthday,

her cosy bed and pretties on the wall (the top corner of the ceiling is where I fell from, 12 ft in the air!),

and looking out into the entrance hall and front door of our apartment.

I am really pleased with how her room turned out, and so happy that she loves it!

Rachael xo


Betty said...

It looks like the perfect place for a little princess!! 12 ft? OMGosh Rachael...Never do that again!!

Jen said...

you have a lovely apartment and now your princess has a beautiful room
WTG Rachael!!

I thought you had to move out of the castle??

how are you doing these days?

Barbara said...

such splendor!!! I can feel the happiness...!!!