Monday 20 February 2012


I made him a Valentines Day card,

 and attached a red key to my apartment,

and mailed it to his home, waaaay before V Day,

and it did it get there on time,


it didn't get there at all,

it got lost,

somewhere in the post :-(

He is in Sydney which is in Australia (in case you didn't know) this week for work,

so I'm going to try it all over again,

as a welcome home gift,

fingers X'd this one makes it!

Rachael xo


Natasha Burns said...

BUMMER! but what an adorable way to give him a key xxx

Tutti Chic said...

I LOVE the way you gave this key!!! :) chris

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

sosad it never got there but such a awesome way to do the gesture! you romantic gal!!!