Tuesday 21 February 2012

IN-Som-NIA and Stuff

Insomnia, seriously you would think I would be immune to it with the amount of strong pain relief I take, but no, insomnia haunts me from time to time... but oh what brilliant ideas come to me in the middle of the night,

like last night for instance,  I planned the Princess's upcoming 9th birthday in minute detail and what I am going to do for my boyfriends 40th birthday in April, all I need to do now is DO IT!

And stuff, these shelves in my kitchen please me at the moment, no idea why really as nothing has changed on them!

Despite the lack of sleep I had a really productive day, getting the last of my Xmas presents ready for mailing, no I'm not super organised and early for this coming Xmas, I super unorganised and late, they are for this Xmas just gone! Haha

On taking the late-ish Xmas presents to the Post Office I spied this divine shop window display which as inspired me to do some painting and crafting! So much to do, so little, so little something!

Posting two days in a row, unheard of!


Rachael xo


Barbara said...

My blog sorely suffers...between facebook and PINTEREST my hours fill quickly...i HAVE enjoyed visiting two days consecutive though! Perhaps everyone will get all retro and go back to their blogs...and you will be AHEAD od the masses!! Hugz

GerryART said...

Ahhh, those sleepless hours. If we could only bundle them up and ship them off.

Jen said...

pleased you had a productive day despite the lack of sleep

Billy and I get insomnia sometimes :(