Thursday 17 November 2011


French Maid at 85th Birthday Party! lol
It's been months since I did a post, way too long for me!

I can't fill you in on what's been going on over the last few months in just one blog post cos that would be one long crazy ramble!!!

So I thought I would break my goings on into lots of crazy rambling posts with the following headings! lol

Me and my Broken Body
Me and my Broken Body and University
The Princess and her Mummy with the Broken Body
The Castle and the lady who lives in it with the Broken Body
Food I've been cooking while having a Broken Body
Family and Friends occasions with a Broken Body
My Secret Project planned while having a Broken Body
The New Man in my Life found while having a Broken Body

and whatever other random shizzle I can come up with!

So with that in mind, my mind anyway....

I'll be back - tomorrow!


Take Care

1 comment:

Jen said...

i really look forward to that you sexy lady lol ;)