Tuesday 22 November 2011

Update to Me and My Broken Body!

Well crap I say!

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Yesterday I went to a see a Cardiothoracic Surgeon about my broken body! I had to Google what a Cardiothoracic Surgeon does! haha

He was a very nice man who had the most divine antique Partners Desk!  Anyway I got kind of good news and kind of bad news from him!

I can do anything I like with this broken body cos I can't damage the ribs anymore than they are;
and I have to have regular massages for the severed nerve endings :-)

The BAD NEWS is:
the severed nerve endings will never completely heal so I will have some level of pain for the rest of my life;
and I'm probably going to have some quite nasty surgery in February to rebuild the broken ribs by using bone grafts from my hip :-(

But the real GOOD NEWS is:

I'm still able to walk and I'm alive!

Right? Yep as my man would say "DAMN STRAIGHT" !

Take Care


GerryART said...

Love to you
with as many Positive Thoughts as I can muster sent your way,
hugs [but not too tightly]

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Oh yeah, that's crap alright! How blimmin awful for you. Sorry especially about that surgery coming up soon. Sounds painful in a couple of areas. Poor you! Eat lots of chocolate to make you feel better.

Jen said...

praying for you
gentle hugs

Bethany said...

Hello dear lady...sorry to read about your broken body. I have one also so I totally understand...I have a back with a broken T12 which tho it's now healed more than 14 yrs I have daily pain in my back and according to my orthopedic doctor will prob continue the rest of my life.....sigh. But I agree that I am still alive and able to move around and that's wonderful :) I am hoping and praying that your body and boo boos on your ribs are healed up with as much pain as possible removed. Xo