Tuesday 7 April 2020

Self-Care at Rosebud Cottage

This is a post I have been meaning to write for a long time! A while ago, okay a big while ago, I had quite a lot of turmoil in my personal life, Post Concussion Syndrome and sudden losses of people I cared about. One weekend I just snapped, I had totally had enough and needed to run away. Impulsively I booked two nights accommodation at a place that had popped up on my Instagram feed and with that, I packed a bag, whipped to the supermarket, bought food and off I went. My accommodation wasn't too far out of Auckland, in fact only a 40-minute drive, once I found it, because of course I did get lost!

Oh my goodness though, when I finally found my way to Rosebud Cottage my heart truly skipped a beat. It was as if it had been designed just for me, there was not a single thing I didn't love about it. Stepping through the french doors instantly soothed my poor, emotionally worn-out soul. Soft, vintage colours, French country decor with pretty bits and pieces everywhere, it was all perfect. Rosebud Cottage is a luxurious studio bedroom/living space with a bathroom attached. Another set of french doors led out to a little outdoor living area with seating and a clawfoot slipper bath. Sitting on the wooden kitchen bench was the most beautifully put together breakfast platter, enough to last for two mornings. There were fresh flowers, fresh fruit, farm eggs, artisan bread, chocolate and biscuits and a bottle of sparkling wine in the fridge.
I had arrived at around 5pm so on that first night I unpacked, ate my dinner of cooked chicken (from the supermarket) and salad in a wrap. I ran a bath, filled to the top with hot water and the Epsom Salts fragranced with fresh Lavender that had been thoughtfully provided. I lit the many, many candles from inside and out, placing them around my outside bath and lay back under the stars, reading my book by candlelight and sipping herbal tea. It was heaven. A soft robe had been provided which I slipped on before getting into the canopied wrought iron bed made up with crisp white sheets and lovely layers of bedding. I slept.
Waking up in that bed, in that room was bliss. I lay savouring my surroundings before getting up to make tea which I took back to bed and continued reading my book. After a leisurely cooked breakfast, eaten outside, I ran another bath and soaked while admiring the view of the countryside. Coffee was calling however, when does coffee not call me! A short drive to Murawhai and good coffee was found. Phew! That day, I walked Murawhai Beach, from one end to the other. It was perfect Spring beach walking weather, almost isolated apart from a few lone surfers and a dog chasing a drone! There is seriously nothing like a windy beach walk to blow the cobwebs away and to just sit and contemplate, life or whatever, or to not contemplate, just to sit and look out to sea. Bliss! Another stop for another coffee and I set off, back to Rosebud Cottage for the afternoon. Outside on the long deck was a French wrought iron table where I set my laptop up and worked on the Roseroom shop which at that time I was in the process of opening. How totally perfect that I was at Rosebud Cottage working on the Roseroom shop. Serendipity.
Another dinner of chicken and salad in a wrap and another candlelit, lavender-scented outdoor bath before reading in bed. I am clearly a creature of habit! The next morning, my last morning, I tried to book for another night, really, at that point, I would have booked for the rest of my life if it were possible. Sadly, the cottage had already been booked so with that I packed and drove to Murawhai for my daily coffee fix, another long beach walk and then a meandering drive the long way home and back to reality.
Nothing, of course, had changed with my actual personal issues, but what had changed was me. My inner turmoil had settled, my thoughts were clearer and I felt re-energised and able to deal with what was ahead of me. Going to Rosebud Cottage was the best form of self-care I have ever done for myself and something I plan on doing again, in the future.

Rosebud Cottage and it's sister cottage, Honeysuckle Cottage, as said, are a 40-minute drive out of Auckland. Rosebud Cottage sleeps two, Honeysuckle has two bedrooms and sleeps five. Honeysuckle Cottage has the same gorgeous French Country decor as Rosebud Cottage. I can't recommend staying at either cottage enough, either on your own, with your partner, a friend or a group of friends. The cottages are often used as a venue for bridal parties getting ready as the setting is perfect for beautiful romantic photos and is also the perfect accommodation for romantic honeymoons. Jenny, my host was so lovely to deal with via email and so welcoming in person. More information and pretty pictures, much prettier than mine, can be found on their website.

Thanks for reading.
Rachael xo

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Faye Smith said...

What a perfect place for you, dear child,yes you are still in my eyes,a girl... I think of you often and hope that you are doing well now after a time of great distress. Loved reading all of this, and now hope you are resting in Lockdown which of course you have captured the essence of, in all that is good, about simply Stopping...being peaceful,a time to contemplate much, in this hectic world..We will come through all of this with such gratitude for even the smallest things around us,and appreciate all we have and didn't even notice..! Much Love from your Auntie Faye...