Sunday 20 May 2018

The Royal Wedding


Did you watch it?
Did you watch it all fancy and themed, or sitting in front of your TV in trackies or PJ's?

I watched it.

I had fancy, themed plans that didn't end up happening. In the end, Sabrina, my black girl cat and I watched it in the bedroom. I wore trackies and then PJ's. Sabrina wore fur.

My loving family members, the Cowboy and the Princess refused to watch it with me. They stayed downstairs watching Lord of the Rings. If you are really snarky and creative, you could probably find some comparisons.

Sabrina appreciated my commentary and didn't mock me when I wept. Weddings always make me weep, as do pregnancy announcements, birth announcements, people's achievements, the demise of people etc

Personally, I loved the wedding. I love all weddings. Secretly, I enjoy following the Royals and Hollywood people. All in all, I thought it went really well, despite the lead up portrayed by the media.

Poor Meghan. Who needs that crap in the week before your wedding. No wonder her dress was a bit loose. Do you think the Royal family are secretly rubbing their hands together?  As a family, they really look quite good compared to the pre-wedding dysfunction of the Markles.

Anyway, the dress, are you a love or hate it?

I was ambivalent. I thought the neckline was lovely but a shame the rest of it seemed a bit baggy. Her veil though, and that tiara. She could have been naked because really they were the showstoppers of her bridal costume. If I ever get married, again, I am going to have a cathedral long veil and a bandana tiara. I'd probably make the tiara myself and Mum's craft group could embroider my veil.

Seriously though, I thought she looked beautiful. I loved that she wasn't smothered in makeup and her hair was very natural and naturally fell out as the day went on.

And, how about Meghan and Harry as a couple. They were adorable, cute, sweet, whatever and seemed absolutely delighted with themselves, as all bridal couples should. The eye contact and hand holding. They are sexy!

Other thoughts on the wedding in no particular order and in list form (I love a good wedding list, actually I love a good list):

  • Best Makeup - Lady Kitty Spencer - full face & Kate - fresh-faced.
  • Best Hair Do - Amah Clooney and Victoria Beckham's pony.
  • Best Dress - Amah Clooney - the colour, the style - oh la!
  • Best Shoes - Victoria Beckham, even if her feet looked contorted, red shoes are the best.
  • Best Hat - so many to choose from, I don't know!
  • Best I'm So Not Phased at Being a Guest - Victoria Beckham.
  • Best Plus One - David Beckham, he scrubs up.
  • Best Dressed Royal - Lady Kitty Spencer.
  • Best Pregnant Woman - Zara Phillips, I loved the way she spread herself out in her seat.
  • Best Gay Man - Elton John's husband, fancy!
  • Cutest Children - Princess Charlotte and her royal wave and the OTT, excited, veil holding, missing teeth twins.
  • Best Preacher - Bishop Michael Curry, I couldn't follow his sermon, but loved watching the Royals watching him and trying so hard not to react.
  • Best Music - the choir singing 'Stand by Me' I feel they had to hold it in, you could so see they wanted to sway and do hand motions.
  • Best Horse - the sassy one who tried to bowl the crowd.
  • Best Controversial Person - Fergie, loved her working the crowd inside the chapel!
  • Most Useful Hat - Camilla's, she was totally able to hide her reactions under it.
  • The Kindest Person - Prince Charles, he was so sweet when he delivered Meghan to his son (lamb to slaughter - no, no) and was so kind and gracious to her Mum.
  • Best Dead Pan Faces - the Queen and Prince Philip, no pun intended. Truly!
  • Best Moments - the kiss and the carriage ride. I so want a carriage ride.
  • Best After Match Function Costume - Serena Williams.
  • Best Cars - The Rolls Royce Phantom 4 that delivered Meghan and the electric converted Jag. Does the refurbished Landham count as a car?

What did you think of the cake and the gold cake stand thingies? 

So there you have it. The Royal Wedding. 

I do wish them well. Maybe this new wave of Royals, William and Kate and Harry and Meghan will be modern role models, enduring the state of Holy Matrimony until death do us part.

Thanks for reading.

p.s.  I can't wait to see what their babies look like ;-)

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