Wednesday 8 January 2014

Crafting 2013

Sadly I didn't do a lot of crafting in 2013.  All my creativity went into my teaching, which wasn't that creative either! It's hard to be a creative teacher when you are just starting out.  I did create a bag for my sister in law which I blogged about here and earlier in the year I made a big cushion for the Cowboy's birthday.

The Princess and her friend made salt dough cookies for Christmas gifts with quite a bit of guidance from me.
We used this recipe which was step by step easy to follow and super successful.
What I liked about this project was minimal ingredients, flour, salt and water and minimal equipment, baking trays, baking paper, cookie cutter and a chopstick for punching a hole in the head!
Pre Cooking
We used a stencil and a metal skewer to initial each 'cookie' as they were for family members.
I painted the initials with black food colouring before baking in a cool oven, for hours!
Cooked and ready to be glazed.
The following day we glazed the 'cookies' with a watered down mixture I concocted using ochre and black acrylic paint and put them outside to dry in the hot sun.
Glazed and drying in the sun
We threaded garden twine through the holes and attached them to each family members Christmas gifts.  Unfortunately in the scramble to get Christmas together I didn't photograph them tied to the gifts, trust me they looked so cute.
Brown paper wrapping looked cute with the 'cookies'
This was a great child friendly crafting project, one I think the Princess and I will make a tradition of and do each year using a different shape.

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Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

We made salt dough ornaments last year... great project. Bebe was a tad too young but we still had fun. I like this idea too!