Saturday 21 January 2012

A Weekend in Paradise

Early in December my man and I went away for a luxury weekend and stayed at Cocozen Lodge and Spa in the far North of our beautiful country. We stayed in a chalet, surrounded by pine trees and wild rambling gardens,

I absolutely loved the details that made the chalet so special and was atypical of New Zealand nature such as the use of flax and paua shell, as were the towels on the bed wrapped in fresh flax,

the rustic wardrobe,

and beautiful soap in a paua shell dish.

During the day we went on sightseeing trips around the beautiful Northland beaches,

eating fish and chips for lunch,

 before returning to our chalet for drinks on the deck,

 eating the most delicious Middle Eastern food for dinner at a KeriKeri cafe,

before returning to the chalet to spend hours in the outdoor jacuzzi nestled under pine trees and huge native ferns!

Had to borrow this image from Cocozen Website!

It was such a great weekend, luxurious surroundings and loads of fun!

Take Care


Gail McCormack said...

Hi Rachael

What a special time away you had and very well deserved I think! I hope oneday to visit your beautiful country

p.s. Happy belated New Year!!!

xx Gail

Jenna said...

Hi Rachael, I'm so sorry to see someone left you a nasty comment. Not unlike the comment you left me about How you just HAD to voice your opinion about my blog and about how paranoid you thought I was, and how I shouldn't acknowledge the anonymous person by posting about them. Didn't you just do the same thing that you told me NOT to do? The only difference is you knew the one leaving me comments and only came to my blog to make trouble. Opinions are like butt's everyone has one...including myself, if you can have an opinion so can I. I'm so glad you had a nice time on your paradise like weekend, Thank you so much for visiting my blog to, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy having you visit. have a super day! said...

Goodness Jennifer! What a strange comment to leave. The comment I left on your blog was in friendliness nothing more nothing less! I have no idea who left you comments! I do not go around blogland causing trouble! lol

Jenna said...

I guess it's in friendliness you called me paranoid?? Wow, you must be my best friend then...LOL! Whatever

Ruth Welter said...


What an absolutely beautiful place, I enjoyed the photo tour. A well deserved get away for you.