Thursday 17 February 2011

Funny Money!

Hello America!

You have funny money!

Not as funny as the NZ money that I tried to launder! Ironed it to make it nice and flat like American money, alas it melted!!! $100 melted NZ dollars! A new take on money laundering - haha!

This is what it should look like!

Money changed, passport located...


Take care

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Anonymous said...

omg you couldn't have tried that on a $5 note?? Have fun!

Jen said...

I agree with LS

and yep have fun :):) :)
dont get too sun burnt

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Hi! Just wanted to stop by and visit as I just saw the terrible news of an earthquake. Praying all are okay.

Pineapple Villa said...

Hello my friend..i am popping in to see that you are ok but i think you are in Bali?? I hope we hear from you soon and no loved ones in the earth quake. Mel xx