Thursday 27 January 2011

In the kitchen...

all this cooking has inspired me to buy some much needed new kitchen equipment like...
*a new electric beater
*coffee mugs
*chefs knife
*glass measuring jug
*stainless steel sieve
*coriander and parsley plants

small pleasures that make me happy!

The coffee mugs are divine to drink tea out of! Fine bone china and in a pattern that suits the Princess and I, roses and butterflies.

While I was doing my 'photo shoot' cheeky Juliana, my flatmate from Brazil was 'photo shooting' back at me! lol

I could say that I am off to cook, but that would be a lie, am off to drink Coke Zero and watch a movie!!!

And yes, you read correctly, Coke Zero, not WINE!!!

take care
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1 comment:

Jen said...

LOVE the cups
and we have been watching dvds too