Monday 29 November 2010

Work in Progress!

That Room is coming together, it's got a long way to go but you can at least get in there now and I have a bed set up and my sewing table is accessible!

I have just shoved stuff onto this book shelf for the moment, however it is going to hold all my fabrics and craft supplies soon, eventually, one day...

Last week was so busy, a school trip with the Princess, then her athletics day, she represented her school in sprints and came third in each of her races. I was so proud of her as she was the youngest child competing.

I have got this massive to do list which I have been plowing my way through, it starts to look good and then I add to it! Ugh!

Have got 3 results in from this semester at University and have passed with really good marks. Quite an achievement as I had some fairly big stuff to deal with in my private life!

Over the last two weeks I have been feeling very sad and down as I have parted company from the man, Cartoonist that I had been seeing for past 15 months. Very sad as we had a lot in common, interests and future plans and got along very well but unfortunatelyy it was not to be.

So what becomes of the broken hearted, they move on!!! :)

take care


Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling sad Rachael. Now that uni is finished for the year you can at least absorb yourself in your craft work.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Jen said...

wtg Princess and you too Rachael

sori to read about your break up


Katrina said...

You are one busy lady! Good luck with your results & I can't wait to see that room xo.