Friday 16 July 2010

Shabby Chic Green Eggs and Black n White Sheep

We are back from Mary Thistle's farm where I did eat, drink and be merry with Mary!

I started coming to this farm over 20 years ago when Mary Thistle's mum and dad were still alive. I love this farm, looking out from the house at the green rolling hills always makes feel so calm and peaceful,

and when not eating, drinking champagne and chatting with Mary, there is so much else to do. Like collecting eggs that have pastel green Shabby Chic coloured shells...

from chickens who have names like Mandy, Bubbles etc

Or taking long farm walks in the afternoon, Mary and I still in our PJ's and the Princess and I wearing our city girl gumboots!

to look at the lambs and marvel at the piebald coloured ones (click on photo to enlarge). And to have Mary and her brother The Farmer laugh at me when I coo and talk to the sheep and tell them what clever Mummy's they are!!!

and to let the children disappear outside all day, to tease Mr Thistle about plastering his photo all over my blog and just to relax and laugh with friends who are so dear to my heart!

Thanks Thistle's for taking such good care of us, as always!!!


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Anonymous said...

Love you dearly Sally please come back soon. More little black lambs yesterday - M Thistle