Wednesday 7 July 2010

Living the high life!

Its windy, icy cold and I am exhausted. Tucked into bed with my electric blanket on, a cup of tea, blogging and chatting on MSN... the high life!

Well it was the high life yesterday. I have friends staying with me because it is school holidays here in NZ. Yesterday we visited Sky Tower which is the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere...people bungy jump from it... I did not - lol

I tried to take a photo from the bottom looking to the top but couldn't get a decent shot, still gives you an idea of how high it is....

here is the Princess and her friend at the bottom of the tower, which is now my favourite part of the tower!

The Princess is standing on a see through section of the floor, you can look down to the ground, all the way down to the ground, I made the mistake of doing that and also looking straight down from where the Princess is standing, it was not a good idea!

The top platform of the tower had NZ's highest sweet shop, it was great, they gave the children a bag of sweets and candy floss spun into the shape of the tower - free! We were 220 metres/780 ft off the ground at the point. It was not a point I enjoyed!!!

and back down to the bottom, couldn't have happened fast enough for me!!!

and finished the day out with a quick stop at the supermarket, a much needed bottle of wine for me and a carousal ride for the girls!!!

House Update - both contracts appear to be falling over, not concerned, whats meant to be will happen and if not something better around the corner!

Take Care


Alicia ~ time worn style said...

Eeek yes I am the same, I didnt think i was scared of heights till recently but even going to a look out tower makes me quiver these days. I was quite fearless when younger, go figure!

Natasha Burns said...

woohoo, we've stood in the same spot! we had about 10 hours to kill at the airport on our way back from the Cook Islands in 2003, and found out we were allowed to visit Auckland for the day! so we did! we went straight to the Sky Tower, and loved it! but we also weren't crazy enough to do that dive thing they do.... no way!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Sitting snuggled in bed and blogging sounds wonderful to me!
I would love to Bungee jump ...Never will though with my back:)

Anonymous said...

I am petrified of heights and would not have go out of the elevator at the top!
What a ham your girl is!

Alison Gibbs said...

Looks like a great place to visit. Somehow I have in the last couple of years overcome a lifetime fear of heights. I think tough spots in your life make you reassess how you want to live.

Jessi Nagy said...

Hey doll
aaawww what a fun day!!
hope you are having a wonderful summer

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Ha funny, I hated it up there too! Just not a safe feeling is it? I can't believe they were giving sweets and candy floss away!! Better not tell my girls about that.

Your housing crisis sounds an absolute nightmare. What a shame, but as you say everything does happen for a reason, we just have to be patient - but that's pretty hard when you get your hopes up. Better luck next time.

Jen said...

you sound like me

Michael said...

I don't think the princess wants to forced anymore!!!
Look at her in the 2 photos!!! GRRRR Stop it now!!! :) xxxx