Tuesday 12 June 2007

Thank You Lovely Ladies!

Thanks to the lovely ladies who left 'comments' on my 'perfume post' to welcome me to the wonderful world of blogging. It confirms the friendliness I could sense by reading other peoples pages.

I thought I would tell you the wee story about my header. It is actually a framed print I have and some years ago when I was in a bad place in my life I walked into a thrift store in Melbourne Australia and there she was, waiting for me! She was $35 Aussie dollars which I could not afford at the time but I just had to have her. She has special significance in my life and is one of the few possessions I will never part with. So thats her story.!!!


theshopkeeper said...

She's a lovely lady. I'd never seen that print before. I found you through ShabbyintheCity. I have a shop too but its blog is separate from my personal ones on my profile. the addy is here if you'd like to visit.

theshopkeeper said...

Oops, I guess I got that backwards here's my personal blog too:

Boxwood Cottage said...

Your blog banner is absolutely beautiful and good to know the story behind the picture now too!

Natasha Burns said...

Your banner image is so prety and just shouts joy and happiness!!! Can't believe you bought it from one of my local areas!!!