I'm Rachael, a very lucky Mummy to the gorgeous Princess and partner of the Cowboy.

During the weekday I 'm a Primary School teacher, teaching Year 6 children who are mostly 10 and 11 years of age. I'm very creative and arty. When I'm not being a teacher I like to turn old crap into beautiful new pieces of clothing or furniture. I like to cook, potter around in the garden and read - books, magazines, blogs, food labels... I also like to write, hence the blog!

I may be a tiny bit concerned about my advancing years and running out of time to achieve everything on my 'to do' list. It is quite big. I may also be a tiny bit concerned about the impact my advancing years have on my physical appearance, weight, hair colour and what to wear, or probably what not to wear!

When I first started blogging I had a vintage shop, I loved Shabby Chic, I was all about the roses and cherubs. My house was filled with clutter and shop stock.

My marriage ended and I went to university and got a Bachelor of Education. The Princess and I also moved to a castle where my living room and bedroom were previously a ballroom. I redecorated, out with the shabby roses and in with sexy sophistication, black leather, faux fur and candles.

I now live in a modern townhouse with the Cowboy (partner of 5 years, the Princess and sometimes the Cowboys man-child. The decor is eclectic, a mix of modern, vintage, garden statues inside, tarnished silver, that sort of thing.

One day I hope to live in a barn in some cute little New Zealand town with the Cowboy and the Princess (she is not allowed to leave home until 30. I want to spend my days painting and creating, tending to my wild rambling garden and cooking delicious meals using my own produce. I will not be having chickens, I hate birds! When I not at my barn I shall be travelling to exotic foreign countries.

I have been writing a book for about 5 years, one day I will finish it. Watch this space!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

xo ~ Rachael 

PS. The Roseroom name came about before I had my shop. Visiting friends and family named my guestroom "The Roseroom" as it was a symphony of Shabby Chic roses.