The Royal Wedding

Meghan and Harry The Royal Wedding


Did you watch it?
Did you watch it all fancy and themed, or sitting in front of your TV in trackies or PJ's?

I watched it.

I had fancy, themed plans that didn't end up happening. In the end, Sabrina, my black girl cat and I watched it in the bedroom. I wore trackies and then PJ's. Sabrina wore fur.

My loving family members, the Cowboy and the Princess refused to watch it with me. They...

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Healing Journey Update

Bowen Therapy Concussion Essential Oils Post Concussion Syndrome Scentsy Sommer Wagstaff

We burn in this house, vanilla in the entryway...
I thought I would write a short update on my healing journey because today I started a new type of treatment.

To date, some of my symptoms have started to dissipate which is absolutely fabulous but my progress is still frustrating and as much as my Psychologist urges, I can not find ACCEPTANCE!! Sorry, Vineetha.

At the moment I am not having any other...

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This and That...

Annabel Langbein Armenia Book Depository Chelsea Winter Cooking Findingx Nation PoppyLove BookClub teacherlife The Cowboy The Princess this and that VS Sassoon

this week.

The Princess and I finally finished clearing her room. We left the hardest thing for last, her wardrobe and china cabinet. What a job! We carefully wrapped everything in bubble wrap and tissue paper and itemised each item, cataloguing who gave it to her and the occasion. She has lots of things that have been passed down to her from great-grandmothers and lots of beautiful treasures...

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This and That...

Book Depository Chelsea Winter Crown Lynn Fashion Rose Factorie Halsey Hibiscus Homecoming Jinti Fell L'Oreal Paris Netflix PoppyLove BookClub Sabrina this and that Tohu

this week.

The Princess and I did a bit more work on clearing her room. The Cowboy said her room now looks like she could "up and go at any moment". I have been cleaning, doing laundry, sorting, pottering and fluffing.

Crown Lynn Fashion Rose jug and Hibiscus from my garden
It's school holidays. Enough said :-)

My order from Book Depositoryarrived. There is nothing like the smell of...

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L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser x3 - Intensive Anti-Ageing Regime - My Review

beautyreview L'Oreal Paris skin care

Sometime last year I joined and in December I was lucky enough to be chosen as part of the trial team for the new L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser x3 - Intensive Anti-Ageing Regime. I was sent four full-sized products to trial and write a review on how they performed during the 4 week trial period.

I am still using these products so thought I would share my review with you.


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