April 2019 - This and That

It's been a while!

I probably write a couple of blog posts each week, in my head, while I'm driving and then I get home and they are gone or I have run out of the mental energy to type them out. I had a light bulb moment this morning, light bulb for me at least. RECORD, I can use my phone to record my thoughts so that they don't get lost! Then, type them out. How brilliant is that! Oh if only I had...

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Birds and Birthdays

I hosted a Wasband family lunch today that I decided on Thursday would be a good idea to do and like many people, I like things to be 'nice' for my guests. Yesterday, the Cowboy and I cleaned, just weekly cleaning, vacuuming, bathrooms that sort of thing. I planned my dish, a quiche, wrote a shopping list and did the shopping. By the time I got into bed last night, I was feeling...

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Leaders in Heels

Leaders in Heels
If you know me, you will know that I love planning and lists, so much that I blogged about it back here.

Part of the pleasure in the planning and list making process is, of course, having the just right diary, planner, journal or notebook to inspire the process. The just right book is such a personal thing and something I often agonise over at the end of each year, sometimes...

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All about Carpet Bags

Velvet Carpet Bag
Yesterday I gave you a little history lesson on the origin of the word 'lingerie'. Today, to continue with educating you, you're welcome, here's a little lesson on Carpet Bags.

The carpet bag was invented as a type of baggage light enough for a passenger to carry, like a duffel bag, as opposed to a wooden or metal trunk, which required the assistance of porters. It was a good...

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Vintage Lingerie


The word lingerie is a word taken directly from the French language, meaning undergarments, and used exclusively for more lightweight items of female undergarments. The French word in its original form derives from the old French word linge, meaning 'linen'. Lingerie as a word was first used to refer to underwear and bras in 1922. Wikepedia

I love vintage lingerie....

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