Winter Days

We are having the most glorious winter, day after day of heavy white frost followed by clear blue skies and sunny days . . . no winters blues here!!

On the first frosty morning the Princess and I went out in our dressing gowns and slippers. She was enthralled, not having seen frost like this before. Our bird bath had a solid layer of ice across it, so pretty as frozen into were flowers she had floated a few days prior.

We went across the road to our village green where she ran crunching on the icy grass before we went back inside for hot chocolates and cups of tea!

She's so loving and thoughtful at the moment, look what I found neatly folded up on the toilet seat for me . . . my own special paper - lol

We are just cruising along with our life, taking one day at a time. Babes and I are getting on very well, united in making this as easy as possible for the Princess. She is happiest when she sees him daily so we go with that. It has got easier for me as a lot of that awful raw pain has gone, it doesn't hit me so badly anymore.

I hold on to a tiny glimmer of hope that our family maybe able to reunite although we are a long way from that. I am also working on the possibility it won't so am putting things in place to set up a future for just the Princess and I, and you know what, its not so bad either! Not what I want, but not bad either!

Keeping busy with my little Internet business and pole dancing. I'll post pole dancing next time because its worthy of a post!!!

Not creating, my mind isn't there, but fingers are starting to feel a bit twitchy which means I am starting to have creative urges!!

I have 365 posts in my Google Reader to catch up on. Forgive me if I don't comment when visiting you!!!

Again, thanks so much for the support, your comments do brighten my day!

Take Care

Soon . . .


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