Where did spring go?

Babes Birthday Dinner Springs

Spring came, stayed for four days and went again. Back to rain, rain, rain, go away rain come again another day!

And windy, and cold!

Looking out into my bedraggled and un-springlike garden.

Maybe I shouldn't have painted my toes black, maybe I put a hex on spring! A pretty pink might have been more the go I am thinking!

We had a busy weekend, a big family dinner here on Saturday night to celebrate Babes birthday, his Dad's birthday and Fathers Day which was yesterday.

We had our usual strange mix of family members here, Babes and I (the strangest!), Babes grandparents who live across the road, my Mum who lives around the corner, Babes Aunt and Uncle and Babes Dad, ex son-in-law to the grandparents across the road. We had heaps of fun!

I set the table with a blue theme, blue being Babes and Babes Dad's favourite colour. They didn't realise it but I had tied the napkins up with blue ribbon that said "it's a boy"!!!!

It looked lovely with the candles lit and lights dimmed and I had other candles and tea lights burning all around the room.

Dinner was simple, spinach lasagna, big leafy green salad and nice bread. Dessert was chocolate birthday cake and cream.

Yesterday it was still spring, after cooking brunch for the two men I got stuck into my top garden, garden being a very loose term for it at the moment. I was going to finish weeding today and plant lots of 'spring' but alas . . .

Oh well, off to change my toe colour . . .

bye for now


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