What price?

There is no price...

the burglars who broke into the castle on Friday night took my laptop, my jewelery and my camera USB cable!

The laptop and USB cable are replaceable, all the lost information. photo's and files on my computer are not replaceable, and no I did not back up regularly, my grandmothers engagement, my gold baby bangle and all the jewelery my dad gave me when I was a little girl is not replaceable, as is my Princess's pillowcase that they stripped off the bed to carry the jewelery out in.  And what is hard to replace is feeling secure in our home now that it has been violated.

What has gone and how we feel is not measurable in $$$, there is no monetary price!

But it ain't all bad in fact most is good...

*The Princess finished school today, eight weeks of summer holidays - awesome!
*My sister in law, my 3 year old niece and my 2 year old nephew are out from Australia to have Christmas with us - awesome!
*The Princess and I put up and trimmed the bedroom Christmas tree and then the wind blew it over and we had to start again, it is now bolted into place -awesome!
*We went to Christmas in the Park on Saturday night - awesome!
*I haven't done any Christmas shopping or making presents but have bought new clothes - awesome!
*I had coffee with the hottest guy ever today and he wants to see me again - awesome!

And hey! Thanks for all the comments and feedback about online dating, really interested to hear that many of you have experienced online dating!

I should clarify that I am just interested in having a male companion type person rather than a serious relationship at this stage but in saying that, it was fascinating and inspiring to hear that is how some of you met your husbands - awesome!

take care

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