"What do your LOVE about your Birdie's home?"

Bling Your Bird House Party Karla and Beth

Little Gold Bird was miserable. His current nest in the Rosemary Bush was not very comfortable, while it smelled nice, it was very prickly and very lonely.

Little Gold Bird set off on an adventure to look for a new nest and company. He happened upon an abandoned bird nest. While it was more comfy than the Rosemary bush, it even had a soft pink satin pillow, but it was still lonely.

Little Gold Bird kept flying until he landed on the most marvellous pink nest inside a pink castle. "Gorgeous" he thought has he lay down beside a princess with long yellow feathers. Little Gold Bird squirmed and wriggled trying to get comfortable as he snuggled closer to the princess's head. But alas this nest wouldn't do either, pale pink was not really his colour and while the princess was pretty she snored and he didn't get a wink of sleep all night.

On and on Little Gold Bird flew until he almost crashed into the most fabulous 'A framed' nest he had ever seen. It had everything a bird could possibly want in life . . .

Flowers, insect life, ready made eggs, cute fluffy yellow chickens to cheep with, a bunny to schmooze with, hearts, tinsel, ribbon, shiny foil and best of all . . .

A love interest!!!!

Little Gold Bird much preferred red heads!!!!

Karla and Beth are having a Bling your Birdhouse Day, or "What do your LOVE about your Birdie's home?" party. Click on Karla and Beth's names and head on over to their blogs to view the most amazing blingy bird houses ever seen!
Thanks Karla and Beth, you girls sure know how to throw a good party!

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