Vintage Treasures, Baby Cards and Crafting

First of all thanks so much to Natasha for hosting the Virtual Vintage Prom. It was so much fun!!! As you can tell, I got a little carried away with it! I think its because we don't have Prom's on this side of the world, school balls and dances etc but not a Prom. When I went to school, back in the vintage era, school balls weren't much of a big deal. Nowadays they are more like a Prom so I will be able to indulge again when my Princess is a high school student!

Thanks to everyone who dropped by during the Prom and left a comment. I tried to visit each of you and all the other Prom attendees, sorry if I missed anyone out, it wasn't intentional!

I had a few nice thrifting or Trade Me finds recently. I love this wall shelf, I was going to sell it but I just CAN'T. Its a cherub and pink roses and I have the perfect spot for it!

I love this little porcelain shell urn with the sweet little boy blowing his horn. I couldn't resist it because . . .

I already had this little guitar playing fellow! Couldn't believe it when I saw it, didn't know there was a matching one! Maybe there are more?

This is a wall pocket. Its actually much nicer in real life. I washed it and the red on her lips flaked off, must have been nail polish or something. She looks better without the tarty red lips! I don't know how old she is, no makers marks, the roses on her hat and braids look old and she is lightly crazed. Bit like me really! I really like her but am going to sell her as she doesn't go with the decor and I think Babes might draw the line with having her on a wall!

Also found this cute little basket with a raised angel on both sides. I might keep this . . .

This planter is really nice with the yellow roses. For sale though. Its currently filled with bags of pink lace, about 50 meters all up that I snaffled up the other day. A girl can never have too much lace!

I've been watching out for this book on Trade Me and finally it came up so I bought it. Can't wait to read it, saving it for the Christmas Holidays when we go to the beach for a couple of weeks. Crazy eh, most of you are in the grips of winter and showing pictures of snow and I am talking beach!

I bought a heap of stuff of a customer recently including this. Isn't it too sweet. Its called "Like a Rose" and is a print but looks like an original water colour. I really want to keep it but don't know where to put it.

I dug this scrapbook out, check out the wall paper. Circa 1964 or earlier. How do I know, cos its the year I was born, as written by Mum and its full of my baby cards.

They are just precious, I am going to reproduce them.

And I did actually achieve something while frittering away precious time at the Prom. I have stitched up all Christmas stockings, they just need their hand sewn embellishments added. This one is made from a vintage chenille bedspread and lined with a vintage pillowcase.

I have also been hand stitching these hearts made from vintage wool blankets and filled with lavender. I find them really relaxing to make, must be the lavender!

Anyway, better go, am cleaning my house which looks like a tip!

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