Update to Me and My Broken Body!

Well crap I say!

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Yesterday I went to a see a Cardiothoracic Surgeon about my broken body! I had to Google what a Cardiothoracic Surgeon does! haha

He was a very nice man who had the most divine antique Partners Desk!  Anyway I got kind of good news and kind of bad news from him!

I can do anything I like with this broken body cos I can't damage the ribs anymore than they are;
and I have to have regular massages for the severed nerve endings :-)

The BAD NEWS is:
the severed nerve endings will never completely heal so I will have some level of pain for the rest of my life;
and I'm probably going to have some quite nasty surgery in February to rebuild the broken ribs by using bone grafts from my hip :-(

But the real GOOD NEWS is:

I'm still able to walk and I'm alive!

Right? Yep as my man would say "DAMN STRAIGHT" !

Take Care

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