Two Posts in One Day but I Just Have to Show You this!!!!!


This morning I paid a visit to my local thrift shop which just so happens to be 100m from our home . . .

I was actually doing a good deed and donating stuff to them . . .

When I got there they showed me THIS!!!!!!!!

Its huge. Stands just under 60cm tall and its really heavy. I carried it home in my arms cradled like a baby!

I know its not to every ones taste (Mum and Babe's) but I LOVE IT! Its hand painted, got roses, cherubs, pink, gold bits, what's not to love!

Look at this little fat cherub, he's actually a lid. And see, he comes with his own cobweb tucked in behind his raised arm.

Look at these hand painted roses in the middle bit.

And then the base with cherubs heads and roaring lions!!!

I think I will keep it, for a while at least. Mum if you cast nasturtiums on it then its going in your room!
While I was there I got a few bits for the shop and crafting. Vintage linens, always a good seller and the Sanderson print cushion. Sparkly brooches, a little baby doll and blue baby boot, Japanese Art postcards, as vintage and shabby as I am I do love the delicacy in Asian art work. A cigar box to cover and then on the right hand side of the photo are 20 water colour prints that came in an envelope. They are done in beautiful soft colours. I think I will put them on my Etsy.
So a happy day for me, A smiley award and TREASURES!

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