To blog or not to blog, that is the question . . .

Blogging Daily Diary

It would be easy to become very dis-enchanted with blogging at the moment and that makes me feel very sad.

We all have our own personal reason for blogging and I have been giving serious thought to why I blog.

Well, I blog for quite a few reasons actually. I blog because I love looking at other peoples creativity, I love little insights into other peoples everyday lives, I love looking at other peoples homes, I love seeing others thrifting finds. Some blogs are inspirational and some I read because they make me laugh!

I write my own blog because I like the online friends I have made around the world, it is a good marketing tool for my website (lets be honest here!), not that I have pushed it much . . . yet . . . and I blog because it has become my online journal, my diary.

I also blog as a form of escapism from the dreariness and sameness that is sometimes part of everyday life. Blogging has also been very supportive at times.

Recently I have been aware of some under currents in the blogging world, maybe some cattiness, some falseness, nasty comments left on blogs, copying of others art work etc.

For this reason some people have taken blogging breaks, some people have had to turn their comments off. How sad is that, when they have had to leave a medium, a form of communication which is supposed to make you inspired, happy, supported and creative!!!

The real world can be a nasty enough place, do we really have to bring it our enchanted little world of blogging. Too sad!

I am going to continue blogging FOR ME, because I need to blog. However, I have been spending too much time blogging recently and not enough time doing the 'real' stuff.

For a while I am going to use my blog as my daily motivator, my to do list. To get me back on track and to try and get my creative mojo back.

After all it is my blog, my journal, my diary. If you want to still visit I would love you to, but if you don't, well that is ok too.

And if you are guilty of any of what I mentioned, please stop it, go away and be the nice person you should be!

I do have to say that I haven't been directly targeted by this but I am upset that other people who I like have!

Anyway, I have said my piece, enough of that, on to why I am really here!

Before I type out my today's daily list I thought I would show you one of my vintage millinery confections. It was actually given to me and I forgot I had it! How could I forget this???

Is it not gorgeous! Karla, would you pluck this??? I don't think I can do it!!!!

Today at the Rose Room . . .

I need to:
  • Load Baby Clothing on Trade Me
  • Bank Cheque
  • Post Swaps
I am wearing:
  • Blue jeans, black t-shirt, purple cardigan, pink polka-dot slippers, perfume!
State of the House
  • Clean and Tidy
State of the Garden
  • Weed free
Currently at home
  • Coco the Cat and Me
I am crafting:
  • Nothing :(
I am reading:
  • Glamour by Louise Bagshawe (chick lit)
I am cooking tonight:
  • Chicken Casserole and Rice
The weather is:
  • Raining then sunny, raining then sunny . . .
My mood is:
  • Happy and positive
Bye for Now


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