this post is brought to you by the LETTER D

that would be D for don't!!!

don't vacuum the keyboard of your laptop with the vacuum cleaner on full suction!

in fact don't vacuum the top of your keyboard at all!

because as you can see ... WHOOSH went letter D, all the way up the hoses and round the bendy things and into the vacuum cleaner bag...

which I had to sift through until I found letter D,

and that was all good until I realised I had also sucked up the little black thingies that held letter D in place,

so back out to the rubbish to sift through the emptied out vacuum cleaner bag again,

thank you Universe, I found the little black thingies and now have letter D in place...

a little askew but in place none the less!!!

so don't, I repeat don't vacuum your keyboard or you too could be letter-less!!!

take care

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