The Shop . . . is open . . .come on in . . .

It took a bit of doing but I am finally and officially open and it is GORGEOUS!!!

Come on in and have a look.

This mantle piece is what you see when you first enter the shop.

To the right is part of the window display

And standing from the door looking through the shop . . .

Everywhere you look are little displays, look at these gorgeous paper doll dresses Mum made in a black Victorian theme.

To the left of the entrance way is the 'baby department'. The green linen press is filled with beautiful baby knits, linens new and old, towels, bibs etc.

Looking further up is the main Linen Press overflowing with vintage linens and pretty smelling things!

Here is the counter area, I still have things to put up to pretty it some more!

Everywhere you look are little nooks and crannies, this is the 'sofa alcove'.

And the shelf beside it loaded with cut class, china and Scullys Rose range which is made here in New Zealand.

Here's a stocking I made using new and old fabrics. Below it is a green stool Mum painted and stencilled.

Another display of pretty china.

A corner of the kitchen.

There is a separate little room we have called 'The Blue Room'.

The blue room looking through to the main shop area

The Blue Room from the doorway into it.

Another little alcove.

The door leading to the toilet . . .

which has to be the prettiest toilet ever (thanks Mum!)

The shop opening party was a rip roaring success, lots of people and lots of sales!

Mel (who works with me in the shop) and I were kept busy wrapping.

It was thirsty work! I am wearing the little pink vintage number I showed in a few postings back. I didn't have time to wash it so I smelt authentically vintage, moth balls and all!

Here is Mum in her party clothes!

And Mum and I at the counter looking at the lovely plants, flowers and cards brought in by family, friends and customers as shop warming gifts.

This is my friend Gail who came up to help. She lives in Hamilton, a city down the road from Auckland.

The Princess had guesta's to play with. Here she is on the left hiding from the camera, beside her is Anna and Sarah, my friend Nancy's daughters and Kylie and Jamie, Gail's daughters.

It was a hard day for some people. Particularly Babes, who was worn out from his child minding chores, he had been looking after The Princess, Kylie and Jamie for over 24 hours.

Heartfelt thanks to my Mum, without her I would have never made it.
Mel who I also couldn't have a shop without.
Ann who is a friend of Melanie who brought us coffee and cake to keep us going on the Friday night before opening. Actually might have been to sober us up!
Gail, who is merchandiser extraordinaire and who has been with me for each shop opening.
Babes for supporting all that I do and taking care of The Princess when I am on a mission.
All you wonderful ladies in blogland who inspire me so much.
And The Princess, who is the light in my life!

That's the end of my Oscar Acceptance Speech!!!!
Oh and to Natasha who gave me a lesson on photo placement!

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