The Rose Room Shop Giveaway

The painting of the shop is coming along nicely, can't believe the transformation from the hideous blue it was . . .

To now starting to look like this . . .

These are my front doors, they fold back and open from an entrance foyer. They were that hideous blue. Do you like my stencilling? I am teaching myself to paint roses but didn't feel confident enough to paint in the shop yet, so stencilling it is.

So much fun that I started stencilling everything!

This pelmet . . .

The kitchen cupboard doors that I repainted a soft green . . .

and this which I begged from my new neighbour! It was a dirty white, now gorgeous green and is going to hold the baby wear (the red thing inside is coming out!).

Opening day is Saturday 15 September so the pressure is on! I really should not be blogging or signing up for new swaps, such as this one being hosted by the lovely Heather over at Jeweled Elegance

But oh well, Mum's here now, she will fix everything!
To celebrate the opening of the new shop I am going to have a GIVEAWAY!

Just leave a comment all through September to go in the draw to win a box of Rose themed goodies.

Have a rosey day!

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