the Princess & the Pizza

off to a good start here, my daily blogging for January - lol!!

today the Princess & I put away Christmas 2009, it wasn't an easy run, I managed to horrifically tangle 3 sets of Christmas lights, bit like my tangled web of a life really!!!

Anyway, I was about to take to them with the scissors when I remembered that Babes, whose name I must change (suggestions welcome!) Mum was staying at the Grandmothers across the road so a little phone call & the Christmas lights were saved!!!

the Princess & I built very cheesy cheesy pizzas for her dinner tonight. She is very into 'helping' at the moment, long may it last!

A good day, also cleaned out the Princess's drawers & closet, 2 years of clothes to sell!! And she still has plenty to wear!!

The family - 3 grandmothers & Babes had dinner here tonight also, its still the festive season at my house!

that's me done for today

take care

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