Take a walk on the wild side!

in our case that was a walk to Bunnings (hardware/handyman) store to buy a watering can, the Princess needed her own...of course, a fixit thingy for the carpet and some fixit liquid stuff for the walls......

pretty WILD aye!!!

all go, tied in with the funtivity of the day which was to go for a walk!

so we did, the three of us, yep that's right, the Princess, her father 'the wasband' and myself....

after a brunch of pancakes and banana smoothies

the talented Karla Nathan did this caricature of the Princess a few years ago, I think she captured the delicate fairy features she has beautifully.

tomorrow the Princess goes away with her Daddy for about 7 days:(

I start back at work, that is my own self employed work of selling stuff and thingy's!!!

Take Care

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