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Life is quiet on the home front. I'm not a winter person, I hate the cold and tend to become bear-like, not the grouchy bear kind but the hibernating bear kind! In saying that, I do love my winter clothes much more than my summer clothes. I'm all about, jeans, jackets and boots. While hibernating at home, I have been doing lots of cleaning, sorting, organising and rearranging, all due...

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This and That...

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this week.

The Princess and I finally finished clearing her room. We left the hardest thing for last, her wardrobe and china cabinet. What a job! We carefully wrapped everything in bubble wrap and tissue paper and itemised each item, cataloguing who gave it to her and the occasion. She has lots of things that have been passed down to her from great-grandmothers and lots of beautiful treasures...

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Where it's at...

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2017 panned out to be the crappiest of years. The Cowboy and I, and both our families had some really traumatic stuff happen. It felt so good to kick 2017 to the curb and start afresh!

Family things aside, the year passed in a blur of appointments and therapists, routines and exercises, binge-watching Netflix shows with the Cowboy and not remembering what I had watched the night before, discovering...

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12 is a beautiful number

Adoption Birthday The Princess

Twelve years ago today, a beautiful girl gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and then gave that beautiful baby girl to me.

Happy 12th Birthday to the beautiful Princess.

And as always, everlasting gratitude and love to the beautiful girl who made me a Mummy xo

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Feeling the Love!

One World-One Heart The Princess Valentines Day Banner

Todays achievement was getting the Princess her new school uniform and shoes, organising a play date for this afternoon.

While her and her little friend played, I created a little banner (or six!) for Valentines Day using the pretty papers and ribbon picture in my last post - oh and Heather from Pretty Petals, German Glass Glitter! (Banners for sale here)

One World - One Heartblog giveaway has over...

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