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The Blue Dress

Blue Dress Georgia Sewing

I made this dress for my 1 1/2 year old niece Georgia Mary. I took one new white singlet and chopped the bottom off a long dress of mine and dyed both blue, then set to with the sewing machine. I made and stitched the rosettes on while watching Desperate Housewives, it was so riviting I pricked my fingers several times with the needle!!!

No pattern, just a plan conjured up in the middle of a...

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Birthday Gifts and Parties

Cup Cakes Fairies Parties Sewing The Princess

Since early December The Princess has had a never ending stream of 5th birthday party invites, almost one to attend every weekend.

I have got really tired of buying and seeing the same old kinds of gifts for little girls, Barbie, Bratz, Little Pet Shop etc,

I give Stella's really close little friends, the one's who come to her tea parties, a vintage English China trio set, cup, saucer and side plate...

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