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Struggling with Juggling!

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I aspire to be an 'on to it' domestic goddess/business woman, to have an immaculately clean and spotless home, provide tasty, imaginative and nutritious meals for my family while looking glamorous at all times as I whip out the door to volunteer at The Princess's school, help in the warehouse at Babes work, wrap and post Internet shop sales, craft, complete swaps, blog, maintain family and friend...

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A little update....

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The very talented Sara at Sadie Olive held a "I see red" show and tell last week, it was so successful she has decided to follow it through with "Shades of Inspiration". This weeks colour is green, to participate all you do is post pictures of green things in your life on the flikr she has set up for "Shades of Inspiration"and if you want to on your blog as well. This gorgeous button is enough to...

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I saw Red

I saw Red Sadie Olive

Sara at Sadie Olive is hosting a "I saw Red" show and tell from June 2 until 8 June. You can post something RED on your blog each day or like I am about to, just do one big RED post!!! I'm doing the one big RED post, because as usual I am late or running late to do the daily one as planned!

Anyway, I love RED . . . my daily glass of RED wine, for my health you know!

My big girls RED bag and my REDd...

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