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A TO DO about Lists and Notebooks.

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I was making a mental TO DO list the other day of what to put in my backpack because I was getting ready to go for a walk to my local cafe. I like to walk, get a coffee, maybe a cake or slice for a treat and work on projects such as this blog.

My list was frankly ridiculous, there was my tablet and Bluetooth keyboard, diary, red ideas notebook, maybe my journal, definitely my phone, money, hat,...

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A little update....

Green Organisation Sadie Olive The Princess Trade Me

The very talented Sara at Sadie Olive held a "I see red" show and tell last week, it was so successful she has decided to follow it through with "Shades of Inspiration". This weeks colour is green, to participate all you do is post pictures of green things in your life on the flikr she has set up for "Shades of Inspiration"and if you want to on your blog as well. This gorgeous button is enough to...

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A Leave of Absence

Georgia Organisation Swaps The Princess Thrifting

I need to stop and catch my breath and catch up on a whole heap of stuff that needs to get done!

Its been a busy time, what with getting The Princess organised and settled into big school. Thanks for all the lovely and comforting comments , she took to school like a duck to water. As so many of you mentioned it is often harder for the Mummy's. Oh yes!!! And yes, it is her school uniform, check out...

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