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My Dolls

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Lori at Faerie Window is hosting a My Dolls show and tell today. Dolls have always been treasured by my Granny, Mum and I. Dolls in all shapes and forms.

Granny especially adored dolls. She left her secure home in London on the onset of WW11 and came to New Zealand as the new wife of my Granddad who was an Engineer for the Merchant Navy. He left her with his family and promptly went off to sea for...

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A Thrifting Opportunity

Mum Thrifting Trade Me

Yesterday Mum and I braved the heat to do a good deed and take a whole pile of 'crap' cleaned out of Babe's grandparents house to the Hospice Op Shop, 'Op' is what we call 'Thrift' shops here, 'Op' being for 'Opportunity' if you hadn't already guessed! I like to use the term, 'Thrift' it makes me feel virtuous, like I might be saving money . . .

As you might imagine I don't need a lot of...

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My Mum has a Blog!


My Mum has a blog! This morning I caught her sitting in her nightie doing her first post!

Here is her blog address, Lizzie, if you want to check her out!

And this is my beautiful Princess, taken last night at Daddy's birthday dinner at . . . McDonalds! Yep, we go all out in this country!

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