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I made Bread

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I made bread. I know everyone else made bread too. I know this because it took three weeks to procure flour and four weeks to procure yeast.
Once I had procured said items, I chose a simple white bread recipe I found online here. According to the instructions it was going to take 30 minutes of preparation. It didn't. It took me at least 3 hours. In saying that, I don't think the 30 minutes prep...

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It's Okay not to be Cooking, Crafting or Kondo'ing

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If your Instagram and Facebook feed is anything like mine at the moment, it will be full of beautiful images of reorganised spaces, drool-worthy meals, baking and bread making. It will be full of knitting, sewing, painting, art, craft and all manner of creative projects. It will be full of images of people wearing nice clothes, playing with hairstyles and experimenting with makeup. I am not that...

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