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The Blue Dress

Blue Dress Georgia Sewing

I made this dress for my 1 1/2 year old niece Georgia Mary. I took one new white singlet and chopped the bottom off a long dress of mine and dyed both blue, then set to with the sewing machine. I made and stitched the rosettes on while watching Desperate Housewives, it was so riviting I pricked my fingers several times with the needle!!!

No pattern, just a plan conjured up in the middle of a...

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A Leave of Absence

Georgia Organisation Swaps The Princess Thrifting

I need to stop and catch my breath and catch up on a whole heap of stuff that needs to get done!

Its been a busy time, what with getting The Princess organised and settled into big school. Thanks for all the lovely and comforting comments , she took to school like a duck to water. As so many of you mentioned it is often harder for the Mummy's. Oh yes!!! And yes, it is her school uniform, check out...

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Sweet Peas & a Good Catch Up!

Awards Dad Georgia Granny Swaps Tags Thrifting

Mum had been sorting through her glory box (hope chest) when she came across a whole lot of stuff she had forgotten about. Scrapbooks and water colour paintings done by her Mother, my beautiful Granny.

Among the treasures was this beautiful water colour of sweet peas in a vase done by Granny many years ago. She was an accomplished artist in many different mediums. I love this painting so Mum gave...

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