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Extreme Makeover


No, no not me, not yet anyway!

This is what I looked out to when I stood at my kitchen bench, ate at my dining room table and sat in my living room.

I hated it!

Two days of intense physical labour, single handedly by yours truly!!!

I love it!

Weather update, springs back, actually today is more summer like, hot! Love it, I have three loads of laundry drying in the sun. Love that!

Oh and my toe colour is...

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A Good Catch Up

Crafts Gardens Give Away The Princess

We are back from our little summer break at the beach. The Princess and I are still supposed to be there but we came home a few days earlier because of some appointments I had forgotten about!

But not to worry because it is raining anyway!!!

Its a good time to do a bit of catching up, like do the draw for my December give away. The winner of this gorgeous, if I do say so myself, oyster pink quilted...

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