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Life is quiet on the home front. I'm not a winter person, I hate the cold and tend to become bear-like, not the grouchy bear kind but the hibernating bear kind! In saying that, I do love my winter clothes much more than my summer clothes. I'm all about, jeans, jackets and boots. While hibernating at home, I have been doing lots of cleaning, sorting, organising and rearranging, all due...

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Daily To Do List

Daily Diary Domestic Goddess Give Away

Thank you so much to those of you who left comments on my last two posts. I hope the bloggers who have been affected by the 'nasties' got to read your extremely supportive comments. Actually I hope any 'lurking nasties' read them as well!

To show how much I appreciated your comments, I made a little certificate, well actually 'doctored' a little certificate I found on the Graphics Fairy'sblog...

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Keeping it Real!

Daily Diary

A huge thank you to all of you who left comments on my post yesterday. We are all on the same page regarding our blogs. I always say treat others as you want to be treated. Works for me!

Nastiness is a topic that gets me very hot under the collar as you will have now guessed. It is hitting a nerve at the moment as my Princess is witnessing bad behaviour and bullying of children in her class at...

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To blog or not to blog, that is the question . . .

Blogging Daily Diary

It would be easy to become very dis-enchanted with blogging at the moment and that makes me feel very sad.

We all have our own personal reason for blogging and I have been giving serious thought to why I blog.

Well, I blog for quite a few reasons actually. I blog because I love looking at other peoples creativity, I love little insights into other peoples everyday lives, I love looking at other...

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