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I participated in Karla and Beths Sweet Treats Recipe Swap for Valentines Day. You made a Valentines Recipe card, copied it 42 times (the number of swap participants) and sent it off to Karla and Beth who sent you back a completed recipe book with the 42 different recipes.

You also made a tag and in return got a tag back.

My recipe book arrived on Valentines Day. Perfect timing! My Mum was here when I opened the parcel and we were both completely overwhelmed. As my Mum said "these books are heirlooms".

Each recipe was thoughtfully chosen by the participants and beautifully decorated.

Karla and Beth spent hours and hours making the recipe book covers using their precious supplies of vintage wallpapers, millinary flowers, lace, embellishments, hand painting etc.

They also spent hours and hours assembling the books for us.

From what I have seen, Karla and Beth also cleverly matched the recipe book covers to suit the each of us. Mine is made using all the things I love, vintage wallpaper, millinary flowers, vintage image, crowns, jewellery and a gorgeous velvet vintage rose.

I think my tag was made by Beth, again vintage wallpaper, roses and lace and sparkley rick rack.

Heartful thanks to all of you for your beautiful recipes and especially Karla and Beth for this fabulous and generous swap.

Along with my recipe book came the giveaway I won from Karla in December. I cried when I opened it. It is a caricature painted by Karla of my beautiful fairy Princess. Karla is so talented, she captured my Princess perfectly, especially around her eyes. I am looking out for a very special frame for this.

Thank you so much Karla, this is something I will always treasure.

Karla and Beth are hosting another party/swap, the "Bling Your Birdhouse Day" or "What do you love about your Birdies Home?". These parties/swaps are so much fun, click on the link to check out the details.

We have a very sweet treat coming up on the 2nd of March. We are travelling to and staying here. Babes has to go to Fiji to work for 5 days and his company are paying for The Princess and I to go with him. We come back on the 7 of March, the day before The Princess's 5th birthday.

Heaven on a stick!

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