Summing up Summer...

These summer holidays have been wonderful, so much going on:
  • getting to know precious little family members from Australia
  • fun times with other family members
  • the best Christmas day ever
  • fun times with my best friend Mary Thistle
  • fun times with new friends from overseas, especially Matthi and Celine from Austria
  • fun times with my flatmate Juliana from Brazil
  • long lazy days in the sun
  • reading for the sake of reading
  • fine food
  • too much wine
  • card playing till the wee small hours
  • getting a tan
  • swimming in the sea
  • kayaking
  • lunch and dinner dates with nice men
  • buying a car
  • not buying a car
  • buying an apartment
  • not buying an apartment
  • having my stereo blow up in a power cut and getting a cool new one
  • giving up wine
  • rejoining a pole dancing fitness class

and mostly just about her, being with her, enjoying her, having fun with her...

her is now back at school, I miss her!

take care

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